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"Is it hurting you as much as it's hurting me?"

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Name:ethan hamilton » teen wolf
Birthdate:Dec 31
Website:ethan + aiden @ teen wolf wiki
Ethan & Aiden to-date haven't been given a surname in canon, so for the purpose of this muse and until otherwise confirmed, their surname will be "Hamilton".

"Is it hurting you as much as it's hurting me?"

Ethan and his identical twin brother, Aiden, were previously Alpha werewolves and reside in Beacon Hills, Californa. They had the ability to merge both their bodies into a single large creature. The mechanism for this transformation is never explained and was lost, along with their alpha status, when their merged form was "killed" by Jennifer Blake (aka The Darach).

Ethan says they were badly mistreated as members of a pack of brutal werewolves when Deucalion helped them develop their ability to merge together into a larger form. Once they'd mastered the ability, they killed the rest of their pack, became Alphas, and joined The Alpha Pack. Their merged form was killed by the Darach. While they survived as individuals, their Alpha status was lost.

Ethan is gay and was dating Danny Māhealani, while Aiden was, prior to his death, romantically involved with Lydia Martin. Aiden died trying to help Scott McCall save Stiles Stilinski.

@ TEN WOLF CHARACTERS WIKI: Ethan and Aiden were twin werewolves and former members of Deucalion's Alpha pack. They were originally members of a pack of infamously brutal werewolves which Ethan described as being killers and their Alpha having been the worst. Their emissary was also dead. The twins were constantly mistreated, abused by all the others; Ethan admitted to them being something like "the bitches" of the pack. After meeting Deucalion, he taught them how to harness a form where they could merge as one. Once they mastered the skill they proceeded to eliminate each member of the pack, eventually both becoming Alpha werewolves themselves after killing their Alpha together. Out of fealty and supposedly fear, they joined Deucalion's Alpha pack.

Enrolling at Beacon Hills High in season 3A, they repeatedly antagonize Isaac and Scott. Ethan is gay and begins pursuing Danny Mahealani, while Aiden begins a liaison with Lydia. Ethan and Aiden initially seduced Danny and Lydia respectively to try and get leverage and information on Scott and his allies, but Ethan's feelings for Danny eventually turn genuine. Aiden insists that his feelings for Lydia are fabricated, though they in fact run deeper than he would like to admit. Ethan's relationship with Danny softens the Alpha to the point where he meets Scott halfway in the episode "Currents" explaining he won't harm Danny, as he realizes that Danny isn't part of Scott's group but now knows that Lydia is. When the Alphas have Derek kill Boyd by hand as per Kali's order, Ethan shows guilt for his actions, which Scott catches onto. Having Lydia distract Aiden, Scott and Stiles confront Ethan for conformation concerning whether or not the Darach could have been an emissary to any one of them in "The Girl Who Knew Too Much". Ethan relays their story to them, explaining how they owe Deucalion and lets them know that Morrell, Deucalion's emissary, was the only emissary spared. Ethan betrays the Alpha Pack in the mid-Season 3 finale, "Lunar Ellipse", to help Derek and Cora escape from Kali, enlisting Lydia's help and Aiden is quick to join his brother turning on Kali when she threatens Lydia.

Unexpectedly, this confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of Jennifer Blake, whom is the Darach. The twins fight Jennifer in separate one-on-one duels, but ultimately decide to merge into their super-werewolf form when they are overpowered and Kali is killed. Still they prove unsuccessful, when Jennifer snaps their merged form's neck and appear dead. Minutes later, they demerge as individuals, barely alive. Fortunately, Lydia and Cora get them to Deaton, who helps save their lives.

Following the dissolution of Deucalion's Alpha pack and the Darach's defeat in season 3.5, they've lost their Alpha status and their ability to merge into their super-werewolf form in their feat to survive so they disappear for a couple of weeks, with Ethan apparently breaking up with Danny. Later, in the episode "More Bad Than Good", they assist Scott in controlling his new Alpha werewolf powers. In "Galvanize", they reveal they need to join a new pack as they are now Omegas and people will come for them because of their time as part of Deucalion's fearsome Alpha pack. They come to ask Scott to join his pack. Isaac and Stiles are vehemently against this and Scott says no as they don't trust them, particularly because of their part in Boyd's murder. Later, they decide to re-enroll in high school with the intention of earning Scott's trust to have him change his mind. Aiden continues his physical relationship with Lydia but she eventually states that she uses her supernatural abilities to help save lives, while all she sees is how he helped kill Boyd. Ethan, meanwhile catches Danny making out with his ex-boyfriend and appears hurt. To make a fresh start, they help Danny throw his black light party during the blackout using a power generator and Derek's loft – while Ethan's efforts are appreciated by Danny, Lydia is unimpressed by Aiden's antics. The twins help out with the threats such as finding the serial killer William Barrow, combating the Oni, where they are both "tagged" by the said demons and helping out with the chaos caused by Stiles under the Nogitsune's possession. In "De-Void", the twins are both infected by the flies expelled by the Nogitsune. They become antagonistic with each other, eventually going feral attacking each other along with Isaac, who's also infected and raging on the fact they helped kill Boyd and Erica.

All three werewolves are cured when Scott frees Stiles from the Nogitsune. In the Season 3.5 finale, "The Divine Move" they fight alongside Derek in fighting the Nogitsune and two of the Oni. After a prolonged altercation, they are saved by Chris Argent, who begins to destroy the Oni with Allison's silver-tipped arrows. Aiden destroys an Oni with a silver arrowhead, only to be fatally stabbed himself. Bleeding heavily and dying, Aiden is held in Derek's arms while Ethan cries over him. Aiden tearfully states that Lydia will have a hard time thinking he became a good guy, but Derek reassures he will tell her himself. After passing away, Aiden's death is "felt" by Lydia, which deeply saddens her. With the loss of his brother, Ethan decides to leave Beacon Hills. Danny breaks up with him and reveals that he knows Ethan is a werewolf, which shocks the latter. He then gives Ethan a kiss goodbye.

Ethan and Aiden are the first twin werewolves to appear in the series. The twins had a talent to sense when the other is in pain and have the power to physically merge their bodies into a single more powerful werewolf form. However, when Jennifer Blake killed their "super-werewolf" form, their feat to survive as individual werewolves cost them their Alpha status and their ability to merge, and their werewolf eye colour has changed to blue, as a sign they've killed innocents, as Ethan had confirmed the two of them to have killed their original Alpha werewolf in their merged form. Personality-wise, Ethan is calm, reserved, calculating, passive and shows remorse for his actions, as while Aiden was impulsive, aggressive, cocky, spontaneous and prone to violence. Both twins have a sense of honor as they followed Deucalion after he helped them fight back against their abusers in their original pack, and they both show guilt for their actions against Scott's circle of allies.

» See Ethan and Aiden's full bio HERE @ wiki

At the end of Teen Wolf Season 3, Ethan was seen telling Danny he wanted to leave Beacon Hills in the wake of his twin's death, however for the purpose of his muse, he will remain in Beacon Hills for the time being.

Ethan is a canon character from Teen Wolf (TV Series). He is 100% owned by Teen Wolf creators and MTV.

This muse is for RP and muse writing purposes only. For fun only.

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